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Sofas and other furniture require specific removal and disposal methods to avoid environmental contamination. It is important to know that fly-tipping is an illegal act and can result in legal proceedings and heavy fines. That is why it is a wise decision to engage certified professionals who can carry out this task responsibly, adhering to all regulations.

Take My Sofa has been providing reliable and affordable services for sofa collection in Manchester for over a decade. We house a team of trained and experienced specialists who can carry out sofa removal and disposal in compliance with all the rules and regulations. Contact our services to get rid of your old sofa today.

Looking for a Quick Sofa Clearance?

At Take My Sofa, we provide reliable, convenient and fast sofa collction services, leaving your space tidy. Look no further if you need dependable services for your home, office, warehouse and other places.

Benefits of Hiring Professionals

  • Hiring experts will reduce stress and hassle.
  • It saves time to travel to a disposal and recycling facility.
  • It offers expert assistance and careful sofa removal.
  • It eliminates the physical stress and risk of injury.
  • Professionals can also donate your sofa if it is in usable condition.
  • They carry out eco-friendly sofa clearance, disposal, and recycling.

Get a Complete Range of Services

From collection to disposal and recycling, we are offering a complete range of services for all kinds of sofas, including:

  • Single Seater Sofa
  • 2 Seater Sofa
  • 3 Seater Sofa
  • 4 Seater Sofa
  • Corner Sofa
  • Recliner Sofa
  • Recliner Armchair

The Cost of a Sofa Removal

The cost of sofa removal in Manchester can vary based on several factors:

  • The size of your sofa
  • Number of sofas
  • Access to your location
  • Distance to your location
  • Required sofa disposal method

However, you can contact our customer services and explain the nature and scale of your job to receive a precise cost estimate.

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Why Choose Take My Sofa?

  • Experienced company with over a decade of legacy.
  • Expert team of professional sofa collectors.
  • Eco-friendly disposal and recycling methods.
  • Affordable prices for premium services.
  • A complimentary clean-up after sofa removal.
  • Take advantage of our expert team and de-clutter your house effortlessly.


We aim to provide convenient removal services that meet your schedule. We are also offering same-day sofa removal and next-day sofa removal services.

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