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We provide wide-ranging services from old sofa collection and removal to its safe disposal. No matter where you are in the UK, you can avail of our same-day or next-day collection service to eliminate all the stress.

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Cost-Effective Sofa Collection and Disposal Services

If you have become bored of using the same sofa over the years or if it is damaged and you are worried about its disposal, we can help collect the unwanted bulky sofas from your property. We simplify this challenging task by ensuring safe old sofa removal.

Our 2-man collection teams are well-experienced in furniture removal across the UK, ensuring environmentally friendly recycling. Our qualified movers ensure a quick process while reducing the likelihood of furniture damage along the way.

We do not only collect and remove bulky sofas or recliner sofas but also recycle them. We provide sustainable services, ensuring no sofa, mattress, or furniture is in the landfill. Providing safe collection and removal services, we strive to accomplish the task more efficiently. We ensure professional handling to avoid any damage to your furniture or property.

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Our Services

Our Services

List of Services We Offer

Old Sofa Collection

Old Sofa Collection

We collect old sofas from your property to donate or sell them based on their condition.

Couch Removal

Couch Removal

Our team carefully carries the couch out of your property for efficient disposal.

Old Sofa Removal

Old Sofa Removal

We provide efficient old sofa removal services to remove the bulky, useless furniture from your house.

Furniture Removal

Furniture Removal

We are professional in removing all kinds of furniture, including footstools, recliner sofa.

Sofa Disposal

Sofa Disposal

We arrange special services to safely and responsibly dispose of it, repurposing, upcycling, or donating when needed.

Sofa Recycling

Sofa Recycling

We undertake sofa recycling in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.

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Our Company Specialises in Sofa Removal

We have made sofa removal and disposal in London easier for you. Our efficient services free up your home’s limited space and save you a lot of time and effort. Irrespective of the unwanted furniture size, we complete all the projects effectively, leaving your space clean.

Just sit back, relax and let us lift your bulky furniture.

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Years of Experience

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Hassle-Free Old Sofa Disposal Experts with Years of Experience

We have years of experience and can handle bulky furniture and sofas expertly and responsibly. We pride ourselves on ensuring customer satisfaction and always being available for you.


Get Our Greener Services

Sofa recycling is a crucial stage in waste management, which we efficiently undertake. We recycle its components, including cushions, frames, and fabric, which can be reused while making new furniture, thus saving energy and resource consumption. In addition, this approach also reduces the environmental pollution associated with the manufacturing of new furniture. Moreover,

  • We make the process of sofa disposal hassle-free for you.
  • We handle sofa removal efficiently, taking the weight off your shoulders.
  • Our team makes the whole process highly reliable.
  • We undertake all the responsibility of safe sofa disposal.
  • We take care of everything, from collection to disposal or recycling.
  • We have all the equipment, tools, and vehicles required to move furniture from your property.
  • We clean up your home space before leaving.
  • We allow you to reclaim and use your living space for something better.

As a professional sofa collection and disposal company, we acquire all the knowledge and expertise to provide responsible and sustainable services. We help our clients safely remove bulky furniture, including sofas. Being well-versed in the process, we have removed countless sofas for our clients.

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24 Hours Availability

Always at Service for Collection and Removal

We offer 24-hour availability to our valuable clients, providing complete customer support with quick and efficient responses.

Free Up Your Home Space

Avail of Our Responsible and Sustainable Services

Take My Sofa is your go-to option if you are concerned about the environmental impact the process creates. We help you make the environment a better place to live with our eco-friendly services. Our commitment is to ensure safe sofa disposal, refusing to make it a part of the landfill sites. We help you make informed decisions for safeguarding our planet by handling the sofa disposal in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Let’s positively impact the environment because sustainable sofa disposal matters!

Our Process

A 3-Step Process

Get your cost quote and schedule an appointment for sofa collection from your property.

Our team will arrive and carefully collect the unwanted furniture, leaving your space tidy.

We ensure the safe recycling and disposal of your sofas.


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Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller

The team at Take My Sofa has all the required tools and equipment for carefully handling bulky sofas. They arrived at my property on time and handled the entire process professionally.

Jack Leo
Jack Leo

I am delighted with my experience with Take My Sofa; they are very professional. They completed the whole process of sofa collection easily and quickly.

Freya Milly
Freya Milly

I am very impressed with Take My Sofa services of sofa removal from my home. They provided efficient and professional services and left the space clean and tidy.

Frequently Asked Questions

A sofa is a bulky and heavy piece of furniture. Removal and disposal of such items can take a toll on you, which is why it is recommended to engage professionals to handle this job.