7 Useful Ways to Dispose of Your Old Sofa

Disposing of your old sofa can be tricky as you have to make space for your new piece of furniture. If you’re considering disposing of it on the roadside, do not forget that it’s illegal and may be penalised. So, let’s look at some of the effective ways to get rid of your old sofa:

Try to Sell It

The best option to get rid of your sofa is to sell it. This way, you will get free space for your new sofa and add some amount to your budget. Just clean it to make it look good and find a suitable online selling platform. Upload its pictures with the specifications and wait for the right guy to buy it.

Trade It for An Upgrade

Apart from selling it, there is another feasible option you can look for. Many online platforms will get your old sofa and give you a new one as a replacement. Likewise, others give you some sort of discount on the new sofa as compensation for your old one.

Apart from this, some companies will collect your old sofa for free if you buy from them. Opting for these swap programs is a wonderful option that you must not look over.

Give Your Sofa to A Local Recycling Centre

Another eco-friendly way to remove your old sofa is to give it to a recycling centre. The sofa has numerous components that can be recycled, like metal springs, wooden frames, metal staples, fabric or leather covers, etc. These parts can be used in miscellaneous items; therefore, via recycling, you can get rid of your old sofa in a useful way.

Benefit from A Local Council

 Almost all local councils collect your bulky waste within a reasonable amount, whereas the cost varies from area to area and the number of items. All you have to do is connect with them, tell them your concern and place your old sofa outside your home. They will reach you within a reasonable time and collect your old sofa.

7 Useful Ways to Dispose of Your Old Sofa

Donate Your Sofa

Do not forget that your old sofa is merely a waste and must be landfilled. It might be a useful thing for someone else. Therefore, rather than disposing of it, simply give it to a reliable charity foundation. They will take away your sofa and give it to a deserving family.

Give Your Sofa Online for Free

Suppose you are hurried to get rid of your waste sofa and want someone to pick it up for free; congrats! There are platforms in the market that will collect your waste furniture without any charges. Simply access them through the net, explain your concern and say goodbye to your sofa.

Hire A Removal Company

Lastly, do not hire a removal company late if you can afford it. They are professional and know how to handle, carry and dispose of your waste. Hiring them removes all the hassle of carrying your load, the tension of disposal, etc.


Looking at your old sofa makes you stressed? Do not worry. There are so many ways to get rid of it. Sell it, donate it, give it to your local council, or you can hire professional removals.

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